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“In this redemptive tale, it is Shuler Hensley’s haunting performance that anchors and propels this film. Bravo! Keep a special eye out for a nuanced, grounded, and stunning debut performance by Skyler Hensley.”

-- Hugh Jackman

“Rich cinematography and powerful performances illuminate this Appalachian story of struggle, hope, and redemption.”

-- Octavia Spencer

“Lyrical, haunting, and deeply felt, Devil’s Hollow is a gripping Southern drama about guilt, second chances, and the impossibility of putting the past behind you.”

-- Mike Werb, screenwriter,

Face/Off and The Mask

“Devil’s Hollow rolls out with a languid intensity, like a slow-motion train wreck, steeped in the deceptively placid heat of a Southern summer. The images are beautiful, as well as an authentic look at the American deep South, and the engaging performances seal the deal.” 


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